Anderson Ballistics manufacturers premium hollow point cast bullets for all your shooting needs. The principle behind our bullets is that you only need one bullet and one load for all situations. For the reloader, our hollow point cast bullets are engineered for unparalleled performance yet economical enough for recreational shooting. Anderson Ballistics cast hollow point bullets provide cast bullet economy with hollow point performance.

Our cast bullets are manufactured using Magma Engineering equipment, custom cut molds, and the highest quality foundry alloy to maximize consistency and performance. All of our bullet designs are tested in 10% gelatin and inspected throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the highest consistency and quality our customers have come to expect. 

45acp cast hollow point
45 ACP  ready for loading

9mm 147gr gelatin test results

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Anderson Ballistics Cast Hollow Point Bullets

Anderson ballistics cast hollow point bullets

One Bullet For All Situations