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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Anderson Ballistics is a family run business located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Being a family of shooters we discovered the unmatched versatility and economics of using cast hollow point bullets. This realization and encouragement from family and friends led us to manufacture our bullets for the public. We found we could use the same economical bullet for honing our shooting skills, dispatching unwelcome varmints, or personal defense. The versatility of our bullets reduces cost to the reloader by using one bullet and one load for all your shooting situations. Through extensive research and development in equipment, molds and alloy we are now able to produce hi-performance cast hollow point bullets for the retail market.

We cast our bullets using Magma Engineering equipment and customized molds made to our specifications. We use only new foundry alloy so we can provide the highest quality product, obtain the most reliable expansion and optimal weight retention. We conduct all of our testing using 10% gelatin to ensure proper bullet performance for each and every bullet design.

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Anderson Ballistics Cast Hollow Point Bullets

Anderson Ballistics Cast Hollow Point Bullets