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We appreciate your interest in stocking our line of bullets and look forward to working with you. Anderson Ballistics is a manufacturing wholesale company only, we do not sell retail. We believe in creating partnerships with you, our dealers, so we will never compete with you for customers. Upon becoming an authorized dealer we will include your company on our sales page to direct customers in your area to your store or directly to your online shopping cart.  One of many value added features for you and your customers is our packaging and quantity. We package in clear containers for easy product identification, customers will no longer be opening boxes to take a look, they get to see exactly what they are buying without opening boxes. Our packaging is designed for convenient stacking, saving valuable space on both your retail shelving and your customer's reloading bench. We package our bullets in quantities of 250 for ease of handling and it brings your customer back into your store on a regular basis, versus the normal 500 count packaging, allowing greater sales opportunities and customer contact. We provide UPC bar codes on all of our products to work with your point of sale system making sales and inventory control easier for you and your employees. Orders of six boxes or more are shipped pre-paid so you know exactly your cost upon ordering, no surprise shipping cost, helping you control your bottom line.

Please contact us for pricing and order quantities