Frequently asked questions

Anderson Ballistics is a wholesale manufacturer and does not sell retail. If you wish to purchase any of our products please visit one of our authorized retail distributors. If you are unable to find our products from an authorized retailer please contact us for assistance. If you wish to become a stocking dealer of our bullets please visit our dealers and distributors page.

Bullet Hardness
Our bullets are cast with new 20-1 foundry alloy at a Brinell hardness of 10. Our alloy is designed to give optimum expansion and weight retention for our bullets without fragmentation. Using a hard cast alloy for hollow point bullets reduces expansion and weight retention due to excessive fragmentation of the harder more brittle alloy.

Load Data
Due to legal reasons we can not provide load data for our products. It is recommended that you use multiple reputable printed source for your reloading needs. The Lyman "Cast Bullet Handbook" and the Lyman "Reloading Handbook: 49th Edition" are both quality sources.